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We give security, quality and compliance professionals the wings they deserve with a first of its kind solution combining ISMS, GRC, QMS and DMS in one platform for an efficient collaboration, documentation, implementation, certification and continuous improvement of any framework, regulation or standard.

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Instantly augment your way of working with our all in one ISMS, GRC, QMS and DMS!

Leverage a simple folder structure that everyone understands to store, structure and manage your security & compliance

Our solution has you fully covered!

We put all you need into one system, easy to manage, structured, with everything linked together and understandable for all people involved 

Document management

Visual folder structures for collecting audit proof, with integrated Word/Excel/PowerPoint editor allowing to upload your existing work and instantly augmenting it with all of our other features 

Asset management

With our many digital and physical assets built in, we make it easy to identify, document and manage your primary and supporting assets, their security and compliance requirements, and ownerships

Risk management

Fully flexible risk assessments/evaluations, Qualitative risk matrix and department/product aware risk views. Directly track operational risks and remaining levels of work with technical teams with forecasts.

Objectives tracker

Define any KPI/OKR objectives and track progress of your management system. Build your own formula for measurement, and collect evidences which are visualized in a central dashboard showing trends.

Task management

Build your own workflows with custom Kanban boards aligned with your processes, and track and prioritize all tasks as part of project specific checklists for multiple customers.

Maturity tracking

Continuous improvement is only possible if you know and document the maturity of your different controls and processes. We help you document & visualize this with intuitive radar graphs

Roadmaps & Timeline

Put your work planning/roadmap on a timeline and configure dependencies. Configure recurring reminders. Visualize the workload per project or per person, and document audit plans on a timeline.

Request forms

Integrate form widgets into your intranet/website that can be filled in by your staff/customers, which immediately notifies the relevant people on new entries ensuring process is well handled with evidence.

Requirements mapping

Map the requirements of any standard, regulation or framework to your policies, processes for easy internal and external audits. Link all evidences in one place ensuring you have no blind spots.

Document templates

Policies, procedures, meeting notes, risk evaluations, asset requirements, incident response plans, suppliers, employees, role descriptions and many other templates to quickly get you going.

Website snapshots

Found a website with an important legal text or vulnerability description. Or simply a documentation you need often? We make an image of any website and index the content for fast search.

Versions & approvals

Create new documents or augment existing files (eg Word, Excel, PDF) with change tracking and versioning. Collect auditable proof with multiple levels of 2FA approval and notifications to related stakeholders

Document distribution

Distribute policies, procedures and any other kind of content (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Videos, ...) to your staff/vendors and collect auditable proof of their review with a central overview on progress.

Diagram editor

Design and document your process flows and infrastructure directly from one place with automatic saving and versioning included. Stop moving from one tool to the other copying different version files.

Multi customer/entity

Each workspace is completely isolated from the other, allowing easy multi customer/entity work with multiple consultants and granular access right, and easy re-use of existing content.

Dependency tracking

How are your policies and procedures linked to each other, which asset depends on what other asset, what impacts have our risks? All of this is automatically visualized using our collections and dependency graphs.

Coming soon...

Business continuity management, Central multi document updates, SIEM/ITSM integrations, or anything you tell us that would make sense to optimize everyone's work!

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Like with GDPR, don't wait until the last moment because this will only be more expensive and put unneeded stress on your teams!

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Why is our solution better than the rest?

We are visual

An image speaks a thousand words. That's why our system makes a big difference to get organised. The quicker people see the "Why" the quicker they are willing to "Comply"

Come as you are

Your current ISMS is in Excel and Word files? Our system is hybrid and allows you to upload your existing documents and gradually deploy while immediately allowing you to profit from all our features.

All in one place

Asset & risk management, meeting minutes, technical details, KPIs, regulations, stakeholder requirements, policies, procedures, control mapping, forms, tasks, auditable proof, ...

Easy for all stakeholders

Get actual involvement from leadership, employees, team managers, suppliers and other stakeholders

Made for multi-entity

Managing multiple companies as a consultant or multiple legal entities of your company in a fully isolated and easy way

Save time

Stop wasting time with emails, task planning and loss of important project details by bringing all in one place

Integrated planning

Do all your task/project planning (for multiple customers/legal entities) and work delegation inside the same platform.


We want to make it a no brainer for small to medium companies to use a state-of-the-art system

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You need a self-hosted solution?

Do you need to comply with local regulations (e.g. CSSF) or simply prefer to have the data close to you. Then simply take our self-hosted solution, we are happy to give you more information.

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