Expand your career by becoming an independent information security consultant
The Brainframe way

Cyber threats, including malware, phishing, and ransomware, are among the most severe threats to business security. For example, Google has found 100,000 malicious websites and 10,000 malicious files daily and has registered more than 2 million phishing sites - more than a  27% increase in 12 months.

Small companies are often the targets of cyber threats because they are less likely to have security measures in place and often don’t have a security team to protect. As threats grow, so does the demand for Information Security experts, especially the demand for independent consultants for these smaller businesses.

How To Become an Independent Information Security Consultant

The road to becoming an independent information security consultant often begins with an interest in information technology and computer science as a whole. Most information security experts both on staff and independently contracted have a degree or some type of certification, as well as experience in:

     Security testing and auditing

     IT security and coding

     Online security challenges (e.g. Hack the box)

     Network security management

     Security risk management and mitigation

Another key to a successful information security consultant career is a high level of organization, the ability to anticipate problems, and experience with project management. Staying organized and detail-oriented will help keep this individual ahead of any threats to business security and up to speed in their own business.

Independent Information Security Consultant Tools For Success

Due to the high complexity of security related work that often involves mastering how multiple different systems work under the hood, and how they interact with each other in production environments, using technology can help independent consultants keep the overview and most importantly, keep their clients happy.

With Brainframe you give your customers access to their dedicated workspace, where you can manage their security and compliance with easy task delegation and progress tracking using customizable Kanban boards and Gantt timelines to ensure an efficient execution.

Brainframe gives you all you need with integrated features like industry specific document types, risk management, KPI tracking, website snapshots, asset helicopter views, document versioning, approval workflows, document templates, diagram editor and many more. This all for an affordable price that will save a lot of your precious time.

Knowledge base

Project & Task planning


Risk matrix view

Helicopter view on collections

KPI Tracking