🖼️ Website snapshots

Website snapshots

How often did you already take a PDF export of a webpage or used the browser bookmark function to keep track of interesting articles, legal requirements, terms & conditions, technical documentation or vulnerability descriptions?

Using our Website snapshots, you simply enter any URL, and we'll make an image snapshot of the content, while at the same time indexing the key words on the site so you can quickly find it back using our advanced search function

This results in a new document representing the website:

  1. The document representing the website snapshot 
  2. The original URL of the website so you can always still visit the website
  3. An image of the website at the time of capture so you can still consult the content after it has been removed
  4. In this case we simply linked the vulnerability to another document "Okta" of type "Supplier or subcontractor" using the document linking feature described in Dependency tracking