🏦 Inventory overview

Inventory overview

Because everything is a document using one of our +100 different document types, we can quickly group and visualize the different types of documents you have in your workspace in the form of an inventory. 

Grouped inventory

The overview module is folder hierarchy aware, allowing you to quickly see which document types are in the selected folder and its subfolders. (e.g. per department, per product/business line, ...)

  1. The overview module
  2. Quick filter to search a specific document type
  3. Count of different document types present in the current folder and its subfolders
  4. Total count of documents in the current folder and its subfolders
  5. Export the list to Excel for reporting purposes
  6. Each document type indicates the count of items of this type. When you click on one such document type it will show the Document type inventory shown below

Document type inventory

This is a filtered list of all documents in the current folder and its subfolders of a specific document type

  1. Quickly search on the unique identifier or name of a document
  2. Count of all documents found of this document type
  3. Quickly filter on all the document properties (eg DPO)
  4. Detailed filter based on document/approval properties
  5. The last column from the overview list shows the dependency graph of the document as shown in Dependency tracking
  6. Clicking on the Excel icon exports the current list to an Excel file

By selecting your INBOX folder and then going to the Overview menu, you will get an inventory of ALL documents you have access to in your workspace
If the exported Excel file gives a format error during the first time opening, please allow Office to auto fix the problem. It is related to special characters used in the table.