✍️ Creating documents

Creating documents

Typically, people know Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and a handful of other commonly used document types. At Brainframe we created +100 additional industry specific document types related to asset management, security, privacy, quality and compliance domain that help you describe your environment. Each document type comes with their own document properties and templates. 

Because everything inside Brainframe is just a document and core functionality always stays the same, this broad vocabulary of document types makes your knowledge base easy to understand/navigate.

To create a document, simply click on "New" button to reveal the dropdown with the different content you can create.

Each of these document types come with their own Document templates and behaviour (unique identifiers, document properties, ...) which have been pre-defined by us in line with best practices. As explained in the Document types & templates section, you can also create your own document types or override those provided by us. Below are some examples of the document types we provide per category




Digital assets

Physical assets