📆 Timeline & Roadmaps

Timeline & Roadmaps

The key objective of Brainframe is helping you efficiently manage your day to day work. And a big part of this is the task management and process management each time enabling you to get things done. All of these tools allow you to configure when you are planning to work on the different items, and using the timeline module we visualize this planning on a Gantt timeline.

Using the Timeline module you can show data from specific process checklists (e.g. audit planning, risk register, non-conformity corrective actions, ...), and quickly see your roadmap and dependencies in time

  1. The timeline module
  2. Grouping lanes per checklist or person assigned to the tasks
  3. Dependencies that can be configured in the planning tab
  4. Quick view on % complete and color status depending on how the checklist has been configured
  5. Set if the tasks are grouped per checklist or per person
  6. Select the checklist to visualize
  7. Select the scale of the graph (day, week or month)
You can select items on the timeline and use the drag/drop handles to move them or change the start/stop dates
By double clicking on items the document or task will open in a popup screen